Update – Progress on Draft 3 and a New Marblehead Reporter Article

Dave Crowley and his mother

Dave looks as his mother, Maude Crowley, revises one of her manuscripts.

I won’t know how the third draft of the memoir will read until it’s finished, but at least I have method for handling the revision process, which I didn’t have before. Now I can leave it for other things and pick it up again without losing my place.  In the meantime, my teaching is done for the summer; I turned in my grades yesterday. And the first of a new series of my Reflections has just been published by the Marblehead  Reporter – Dr. Sturgis

3 thoughts on “Update – Progress on Draft 3 and a New Marblehead Reporter Article

  1. Rebecca Crowell

    I am loving these stories Dave. I am married to Paul Crowell, lobsterman, and he used to live on High Street as a young boy (born in 1945) and then moved to Pond Street and then to Stony Brook Road. He may have been just a little too young for you to know or play with there, but I’ll just bet he’d remember Dr. Sturgis! He moors his boat at the mouth of the harbor off The Fort and we live in a cottage in Salem now – couldn’t afford Marblehead prices when we married in ’86!

    Thanks for these stories, I am loving them. Keep up the good work!

    My Blog, “Thoughts from Crow Cottage” is here.

    Rebecca (Lothrop) Crowell (“Bex”)

    1. Dave Post author

      Thank you so much, again. A question for Paul. On a lobster boat there used to be a spinning capstan on the bulkhead next to the wheel. The lobsterman wraped the line around it and used it to haul his traps. Is it called a “dead man,” or something else? I want to get it right for another Reporter article.
      Take Care,

      1. Rebecca Crowell

        Dave, I’ll ask Paul your question later tonight when he gets home. He sells lobsters on Saturdays from 9-12 at the M’head Farmers Market at the “old high school” – now the Middle School… and then from 2-5 down at The Landing. Just FYI.

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