Update on the Book

Dave's first Marblehead home.

3 Elm Street, Marblehead, in 1947, the year before the first Azor book came out.

Believe it or not, I’m still working on the memoir.  I started with a 210,699-word monster (merely 682 book pages – Who’d want to slog through that?) Now, with much paring and slicing I’m down to a 5th draft that weighs in at 71,743 words (a scant, almost digestible 232 paperback pages.)

And what happened to the 138,956 words I got rid of, you might well ask. Those words, with a little rearrangement, went into the 17 Reflection stories I’ve submitted to the Marblehead Reporter (11 published so far) and into the 29 blog posts I’ve put up here on my website. Talk about recycling!

What’s ahead? Well, for the memoir, its another round of polishing and then it’s off to a tough critic or two who know nothing about me and have never seen my writing.

For the blog I’ve got 5 or 6 new stories up my sleeve. Here’s one of them today.